Erna Blanche

In 1997, Earth Links co-sponsored—with the Nicaraguan Ministry of EducationLos Pipitos (a nonprofit organization supporting children with disabilities and their families), and faculty from a Colorado-based occupational therapy assistant training program (LINK3 Arapahoe Community College)—a workshop in special education for physical therapists, occupational therapists, and special education teachers from the Pacific Coast region of Nicaragua and interns from the Colorado program. The one day training was held in Jinotepe and focused on how teachers and therapists could adapt the classroom environment and equipment to meet the needs of special education students. Wanda Rosario and Lois Hickman the best online casino made presentations and answered questions about children’s specific needs. This was also a chance for occupational therapy assistant interns to better understand the environment in which Nicaraguan teachers and therapists would work. Earth Links purchased a video monitor and VHS player for the workshop, which was then donated to the Los Pipitos Center in Jinotepe.

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