Since its founding in 1991, supporting other nonprofit organizations has been at the core of Earth Links’ mission of “bringing people and resources together.” Throughout those nearly twenty years, Earth Links has donated over one million dollars worth of materials to other nonprofits, including clothing (both new and used), software, computers, art supplies, communication gear (such as satellite phones and ham radios), office supplies, and other items. These materials have been and continue to be critical to the work of women’s shelters, children’s art programs, community development projects, and advocates for indigenous peoples.

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Donate with a check or money order via regular mail (see our contact page for details).

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You can donate any amount via PayPal through the links below. Don’t want to use PayPal or don’t have a PayPal account? Use your credit card or bank account via PayPal.

For only $25

For example, you can help provide much (and always!) needed diapers to local area women’s shelters.

Your $50 donation

Will allow us to pay the shipping and handling costs of business and corporate donations of office and school supplies to local shelters and children’s programs.

A donation of only $100

Will feed the seniors at the Jinotepe Senior Center, in Jinotepe, Nicaragua, for a full week. Jinotepe Senior Center is supported by Earth Links, Three Americas, and Santa Cruz Sister Cities.

A $500 donation

Will help expand our efforts for technology transfers. Our current focus is on equipment for small-holder farms who want to be more productive and more sustainable while adapting to climate change.

With a donation of $1,000

You can become a major supporter of sustainable rice production for poor farmers worldwide. Trainings and network development conferences are being scheduled now.