We’re excited to share here today a few public service announcements recently made by Watsonville teens who are working with our friends at SeaVibe Foundation.

This academic year, the SeaVibe Foundation has been collaborating with the Academic Vocational Charter Institute (AVCI), City of Watsonville, and University of California at Santa Cruz (and supported by the Audobon-Toyota TogetherGreen Fellowship and Earth Links), to provide these AVCI students with integrated training on water quality education in their own watershed. The results are inspiring!

As this article from the City of Watsonville explains,

Students receive community service credit for their work, but more importantly, the field work, research skills, art projects, and public presentations will help prepare the students for college and job opportunities.

You can read more about it here on Watsonville Patch.

SeaVibe at Pinto Lake

Water Contamination PSA

Ecofashion PSA

We want to congratulate all the students on the great video work and making a difference in their community. We’re glad the video cameras provided by Earth Links were used to such ardent, effective use!

You can read more and see photos of the Pinto Lake Community, Water & Art Project at SeaVibe’s Facebook page.

Pinto Lake suffers from toxic cyanobacteria pollution, caused partially by extensive agriculture and poor farming practices in the Pajaro River watershed in Watsonville, CA. The toxin is causing death in birds, fish, and other wildlife at the lake, and has traveled through the watershed to the Monterey Bay where it has been linked to a mass die-off in sea otters. SeaVibe Foundation is working with local students to help educate the community about pollution and to clean up the lake, thanks to funding from the Toyota/Audubon TogetherGreen Fellowship.