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Setting up a way to receive donations via the Internet can seem like a daunting prospect for nonprofits both big and small, given the proliferation of means to do so and the necessity for nonprofits to effectively position themselves as worthy of support.

Here are some of the online giving platforms available to nonprofits to receive online donations:

Here are a collection of links to helpful information on how to benefit from the steady move people and nonprofits are making to secure online donations:

“Currently, our findings do lend some support to the use of online donating platforms for smaller organizations that are not easily recognized by the public or lack credibility. Because perceptions of the online platform contributed greatly to whether or not an individual donated online, smaller lesser-known organizations could benefit by joining well-known online fund-raising platforms that have earned donor trust and legitimacy. Their participation in larger online platforms will likely have a greater impact on the success of their online campaigns than if they were seeking online donations on their own.”