Thanks to work of the Whatcom Land Trust and Whatcom Parks Department, Maple Creek Park is now the place that Earth Links and our Board of Directors envisioned it could become. Although it took several years of planning and negotiations, our dream of transferring the property from Earth Links to an entity that would protect it in perpetuity has been realized. Local residents and visitors have a place of refuge — as do the salmon, wildlife, and the forest itself.  The small town is buffered from the effects of clear cutting to north and the public has access to a critical connecting trail path in the Maple Falls Glacier Trail (PDF) that will eventually link Mount Baker to the coast.

The Whatcom Land Trust has maintained and enhanced the integrity of the ecosystem with their conservation easement and the park is part of their education program for young stewards: see their wonderful brochure (PDF) and test your knowledge! A bridge now provides safe access for the public and the parks department helps to make the forest land a safer environment for everyone. Congratulations!

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