Lummi Island, photo by David Scherrer.

For over twelve years, Lummi Island Heritage Trust, through a combination of public education, volunteerism, and conservation easements, has protected over 800 acres of Lummi Island’s beautiful rural landscape. The Otto Preserve, the Curry Preserve, and the Baker Preserve, as well as other areas of Lummi Island, all owe their stewardship to the devoted staff and members of the Trust.


Curry Preserve, photo by Dal Neitzel

Lummi Island Heritage Trust protects significant features of the Island’s rural landscape by:

  • Holding “conservation easements” — legal agreements between willing landowners and the Heritage Trust that protect the land’s agricultural, wildlife, or scenic values.
  • Acquiring land by donation or purchase with donated funds.
  • Providing information about the potential tax benefits of conservation easements and other land conservation tools.
  • Ensuring long-term stewardship of land protected with conservation easements.
  • Managing lands owned by the Heritage Trust for the benefit of present and future generations.

Compost bins at the Curry Preserve Community Garden, photo by Doolie Brown.

Earth Links has been a proud supporter of the Trust since its inception and congratulates all its board, staff, and members for the invaluable work they do. To learn more about Lummi Island Heritage Trust, visit their website, which features slide shows of photographs taken by the Trust’s talented supporters and members.

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