In July 2011, Earth Links in partnership with Three Americas Inc sent much needed supplies to Centro Medico Psicopedagogico Castellana, a residential home and activity center for the disabled in Havana Cuba. They were able to send donated computer equipment and supplies, small kitchen appliances including blenders and meat grinders as well as hand tools for their garden by working with a US based nonprofit. The items (200 lbs) were donated and delivered to Cuba by Pastors for Peace, a US-based nonprofit, by way of their Cuba Caravan.

The Cuban medical facility is comprised of a cluster of buildings, greenhouses, and garden in a peaceful urban setting. It serves individuals with disabilities and provides life and vocational skill training to its 245 clients, some of whom are residents. There are 260 staff members, including teachers, administrators, and medical personnel.

There is no lack of trained personal. The problem is they are operating with limited resources and equipment. The center's needs are mind boggling. The staff and clients are dealing with a wide range of infrastructural challenges. For instance, the refrigeration in their commercial kitchen needs repair. The washing machines are over 100 years old. All the computer printers need updating and the dial-up modem no longer functions. Although there is a newly opened dental clinic, many of the clients are missing a number of teeth, making the lack of a meat grinder and food processors a serious problem.

Three Americas through Pastors for Peace responded to some of the center's immediate needs and plans to do more, with help from other non-profits and individuals. La Castellana does so much good with so few resources it is an easy place to make a difference.

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Photos by Doolie Brown