The Mandava Weeder is one of the most widely used and commercially available SRI weeders. Rotor size, width, and depth can be adjusted when the weeder is built.


  • Low cost
  • Less weight (5 Kgs) with more strength Simple Design
  • Suitable to all types of soils
  • Easy to operate
  • Better handle, should be adjusted for women’s use
  • Reduces drudgery
  • Can be manufactured locally

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    General Specifications for Mandava Weeder 

    Mandava Weeder

    • Length: 1500 mm
    • Width f(handle): 460 mm
    • Nominal width: 150mm
    • Working width: 120mm
    • Height:  1000 mm
    • Type of Handle: T-Type
    • Number of Rotors: 1
    • Weight: 5.1 kg
    • Unit Cost: $25.00/- (approx. USD)

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