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Single Wheeled Blade Weeder

The Single Wheeled Weeder, is a specialized tool designed for efficient weeding in dry land farming conditions. Featuring a robust steel frame made from 30mm x 5mm material and a 30mm diameter handle, this weeder ensures durability and ease of use. Its key component is the center post hoe/scraper assembly, which adjusts vertically with two locking screws to accommodate varying field conditions and ensure optimal weeding action. The hoe blade, measuring 200mm x 70mm, is welded to maintain a parallel orientation to the ground, enhancing its weeding efficiency. The wheel assembly supports the frame, making it easy to maneuver. Additionally, the handle angle is custom-fitted to the user’s waist height, providing ergonomic comfort. The vertical braces and gusset plates, welded to the frame and sleeves, add structural stability. This design includes an adjustable post detail that allows the hoe/scraper to slide vertically inside sleeves, ensuring precise ground level adjustment. The tool also features screw holes on the hoe support and scraper plates for easy fastening, removal, re-sharpening, or replacement of the hoe/scraper plate. This single-wheeled blade weeder is a practical and adaptable solution for farmers looking to maintain weed-free fields with minimal effort.