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Re-bar Roller Marker

The Re-bar Roller Marker is an innovative tool for marking planting grids with precision and efficiency. This marker features a robust design constructed primarily from steel components, ensuring durability and long-term use. The main parts include a handle with a diameter of 22mm, an axle of 25mm, and spokes, bars, and rings all measuring 7mm in diameter. The handle collar and spacers are 31mm in diameter, with one spacer equipped with a lock screw for secure assembly. The tool is engineered to create 25cm grid lines along the path of travel with every ring rotation, facilitating accurate planting spacing. The detailed top and side views demonstrate the tool’s dimensions and assembly, highlighting the centerline placement of bars at a 119.4mm radius from the center. This design ensures consistent and precise marking, making the Re-bar Roller Marker an essential tool for efficient agricultural planning and planting.