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Malaysian Wooden Marker

The Malaysian Wooden Marker is an efficient tool for marking planting grids in agricultural fields. This tool features a simple yet sturdy construction consisting of a handle, brace, bar, and tines. The handle and braces can be made from locally sourced materials such as tree branches or bamboo canes, which are then tied together using wire or rope wraps. The bar, measuring 100x25mm, supports the tines, which are equally spaced at 25cm intervals to create consistent planting rows. Each tine is angled at 45 degrees towards the tool handle for optimal marking. For enhanced functionality, the marker includes an optional ballast weight, which can be a brick, stone, or timber strapped to the bar to provide additional force when marking the planting grids. This design ensures the tool is adaptable, sustainable, and user-friendly, making it ideal for various farming conditions.