Earth Links received its federal tax-exempt status in 1992. We are based in Santa Cruz, CA. Our board of directors includes Stephen Leinau, Doolie Brown, and Lawrene Kovalenko.

Stephen Leinau, MPA, (Executive Director), has twenty five years of experience working for and managing nonprofit organizations and their training/education programs. He has worked in the areas of early childhood education, development disabilities, mental health, agriculture and anti-hunger programs.

Doolie Brown is a filmmaker, still photographer and writer. She has produced and directed multi-media productions, and performed as an actor on television, film, and in theater. Currently she is working in both theatrical and video production.

Lawrene Kovalenko, MA, OTR, MFCC, cofounded in 1972 Sensory Integration International. She has a background in Jungian theory, bodywork therapies, and business. She has been a part of a the development of a number of successful non profit organizations. Lawrene has worked as a therapist in private practice for thirty years and currently is engaged in writing projects and development of a professional development program for occupational therapists.