Environmental Protection

Maple Falls, Washington

Earth Links has had varying roles in a wide range of successful environmental protection projects. These have ranged from focusing on saving a specific tract of land while buffering a small community from clear cutting, including transferring land for a County Park, and thereby facilitating a Mountain to Sea trail (Maple Falls/Maple Creek Park). We helped protect a watershed from growing developments that is rich with endangered species by creation of a new Non Profit Organization (Friends of Soquel Creek). And over a number of years supported an indigenous land rights claim for 1,000,000 acres of land for the Rama nation on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua that was successfully documented with a model program of hand held GPS use combined with a collection of oral histories of land use. All of these projects have been multi-year efforts and involved coalitions of groups working towards common goals and meeting adversity together. Earth Links took a leadership role with FOSC and Maple Falls and a supporting role in Nicaragua with providing technology transfers as well as creation of an emergency communication network and computer labs/training for the three universities for indigenous groups.  All of this was possible because of the generous support from our board, skilled volunteers and donors

Currently Earth Links’ environmental protection efforts are focused on our work with sustainable agriculture for small farms and the development of emerging nonprofits and NGOs. We are confident our support of and document preparation for the incorporation of SRI Global, Inc. as well work on joint projects, and our ongoing work with SRI-RICE, is leading to advancing in sustainable food production, water conservation, while helping farmers maximize their use of existing acreage under cultivation.  We also remain very excited about helping small-holder farmers meet their growing need for innovative farm equipment.